Genius Young Scientist Award(GYSA)

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Genius Young Scientist Award(GYSA)

The potentialities of young minds are unpredictable and infinite.
If properly identified and care, they may transform the world itself.
A child with scientific temper and enthusiasm will be and asset to the scientific world. Such an individual becomes a scientist who finds a solution for the modern people and their habitat .What a parent can do is to identify his/her child’s behavior pattern and begin it into the notice of their teachers or school management in their school/college going age , they must be clarified all their doubts. A lot of encouragement is also needed when a child approaches either parent/teacher with any such questions.
Yes, HMC is looking for such students who find better solutions of the upcoming expose and share their talents. After the registrations of their projects on selected regions, the young scientist can present his/her projects. Innovations, creativity, usefulness and other all merits would be taken into consideration for Choosing their Best Genius Young Scientist Award.


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