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Hallmark Millennium Corp, (HMC) is An International ISO Certified Organization

Hallmark Millennium Corp. (HMC)

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Hallmark Millennium Corp, (HMC) is An International ISO Certified Organization with a Vision for imparting and sharing knowledge and wisdom for all the young minds all over the world.
It has been conceived and developed by a Team of Educational Experts with Infinite Dreams. The entire team works with a Vision – Mission Ideology. HMC moves with a Vision of Golden Era of the growing generations. It is bound with a Mission for the Integration of the whole World.
HMC links the young minds with the Future World through the Digital E-Examinations. As we are passing through information revolution, we are sure that HMC prepares the young generation to meet all the Challenges in the Future.

Mr. Joe Is Our Founder and CEO of Hallmark Millennium Corp. Being a Great Anthropologist and Great Visionary, He Started With Similar People to work for the Cause of Educational Development. The Team HMC has been Emphasising on the Charity works and Education both in India and Abroad. All our works are now focussed on Quality Education and Generating Employment for Youth. Our Strength is Planning and Susatainable Management of Human Resourses.

World is divided into Computer Literates and Illiterates.

Now a days most of the Universities come up with E-Examinations for their Students. Unfortunately many Students still remain as Computer Illiterates. The regular practice of E-Examinations would prepare them to face such Examinations Confidently. So the HMC strongly recommends the Students, Teachers, Schools and Parents to utilize this opportunity for their bright Future.
Our Aim is to transform the new generation empowered with IT skills and develop them economically. As the E-Examination system does not required Pen or Paper, HMC sets an example for Eco-Friendly Concepts. Through these Examinations, the concept of Digital India becomes more practical as the students are using various electronic devices in their day to day life. A student who practices E-Examinations regularly would get Speed and Accuracy in finding Solutions to their problems.
Sharing the National and International Syllabi to the Children across the World.
The Organization has undertaken a lot of projects for fulfilling the Ignited minds to reach their goals. So we are in a Mission of conducting various programs like


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